Gulf of Guinea Commission (GGC)

Commission du Golfe de Guinée (CGG)


Luanda, Angola

Date of creation

3 July 2001


The initial objective of the GGC was to create conditions of mutual confidence, peace, and security conducive to the harmonious development of member states; and to promote close consultation in the exploitation of the natural resources of the Gulf of Guinea. This is with a view to ensuring the economic development of member states and the well-being of their peoples. Since 2013, the organisation has been more focused on building regional maritime security architecture.


2001 Creation of the Gulf of Guinea Commission
2013 Yaoundé summit – launch of a comprehensive regional initiative with ECOWAS and ECCAS
2014 Official launch of the Inter-regional Coordination Centre (ICC) in Yaoundé

Normative framework

2001 Constitutive Act of GGC
2013 Adoption of the Memorandum on Maritime Safety and Security in Central and West Africa, which set objectives and areas of cooperation between ECCAS, ECOWAS, and the GGC
2013 Adoption of the code of conduct concerning the fight against piracy, armed robbery against ships, and illicit maritime activity in west and central Africa


Political dialogue

Date Institutions Agreement
2013 Yaoundé Process Common regional initiative by ECCAS, ECOWAS, and GGC member states on the implementation of a regional framework for maritime security and safety in the Gulf of Guinea, supported by the United Nations

Governance and development


Peace and security

Activity  Date Description
Maritime issues 2013 Participation in the Yaoundé process meeting and activities to address maritime insecurity
Maritime issues 2017 Installation of staff members of the ICC