G5 Sahel


Nouakchott, Mauritania

Date of creation

16 February 2014


The G5 Sahel’s objective is to guarantee conditions of development and security in the area of its ​​member countries; to offer a strategic intervention framework; to combine development and security; to support democracy and good governance in a framework of mutually beneficial regional and international cooperation; and to promote inclusive and sustainable regional development.


2014 Creation of the G5 Sahel as a framework for regional interstate cooperation in security and development
2014 G5 Sahel becomes an international organisation with a legal framework and a secretariat
2017 Creation of the G5 Sahel Joint force – first military operation takes place

Normative framework

2014 Final communiqué
2014 Convention on the G5 Sahel creation
2016 G5 Sahel Development and Security Strategy


Political dialogue

Date Institutions Agreement
2017 World Bank, the African Development Bank, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Denmark, and Netherlands Sahel Alliance launched by France, Germany, and the EU with the objective to increase coordination between partners and accelerate the implementation of assistance and projects, while addressing the needs expressed by the beneficiary countries and the G5 Sahel Secretariat
2020 Launch of the Coalition for the Sahel, to facilitate coordination and interactions between the various strands of international action supporting the G5 countries – announced at the 2020 Pau Summit

Governance and development

Areas Date Activities
Development and security nexus 2014 Adoption of the Priority Investment Programme (PIP) to implement the Development and Security Strategy

Peace and security

Activity  Date Description
Intelligence and information sharing 2015 Security Cooperation Platform (Plate-forme de Coopération en Matière de Sécurité – PCMS) with ONUDC support
Cross-border security 2015 Military partnership for cross-border cooperation (Partenariat militaire de coopération transfrontalière –PMCT) formalised by the signing of the Operating Charter with French (Operation Barkhane) support
Capacity-building 2017 Sahelian Security College (Collège sahélien de sécurité) –Bamako
G5 Sahel Joint force Since 2017 Military operations
G5 Sahel Joint force 2018 Operationalisation of the police component
Capacity-building 2018 Sahelien Defence College (Collège de defense du G5 Sahel) – Nouakchott
Financial support 2018 Launching of G5 Sahel Trust Fund (Fonds Fiduciaire pour la FC-G5S)
Early warning 2018 Decision to create Sahelian Center for Threat Analysis and Early Warning Centre sahélien d’analyse des menaces et d’alerte précoce – CSAMAP). Project approved in 2015.