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Headed by Director Mark Leonard, the London office directs ECFR's pan-European research and analysis, manages funder and Council relations, runs media and advocacy campaigns, and provides strategic advice to ECFR offices across Europe.

ECFR London office also provides research space to the majority of ECFR's policy fellows and acts as the organisation's voice within the United Kingdom. The office moved to its present headquarters in Westminster in May 2010 after its first years based in Hammersmith.

The London office is the location for ECFR's series of Black Coffee Morning discussions on a variety of issues relating to Europe and its evolving role in the world. Speakers have included Joseph Nye, Louise Arbour, Michael Stürmer, Lord Robertson and Gideon Rachman.



Recent events

You can find a full list of upcoming and past events, including Black Coffee Mornings, clicking here


Iran in a turbulent region: Does the Rouhani presidency offer new opportunities?

14 Apr 2014

Gary Sick, Dr Nasser Hadian and Wadah Khanfar discuss President Rouhani's election, which offers new openings in nuclear negotiations, however, coincides with a time of regional turmoil. How will his election affect Tehran's regional role and diplomacy? 


Ukraine’s post-Crimea energy conundrum

09 Apr 2014

How have recent events in Crimea affected the Ukrainian position on energy? What would be the energy implications of a federalisation of Ukraine? And in the run-up to the next European Council in June, focusing on energy security, what should the EU do to help? 


Elections in Turkey: What to expect?

31 Mar 2014

John Peet, Elif Shafak and Dimitar Bechev will discuss the upcoming elections in Turkey, and how their outcome will affect the political development of a country poised on the precipice of turbulent change. 


Will China dominate the 21st century?

20 Mar 2014

Jonathan Fenby will discuss the meteoric rise of China and the obstacles this has presented, with a view to exploring the future of the Middle Kingdom, and the world at large. 


Kerry peace effort and mapping an Israeli-Palestinian border

18 Mar 2014

This event with Geoffrey Aronson will be looking at the current status of the US-led peace talks and reviewing the territorial dimensions of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and options for drawing a border. 


Rescuing the Ukrainian economy

06 Mar 2014

Mr Pivovarsky and Mr Voloboev will lead a discussion on recent events in Ukraine following the Eastern Partnership Vilnius Summit in November 2013 and their repercussions for the Ukrainian economy, including the role the European Union and Russia should play.


Upholding human rights in Wider Europe

04 Mar 2014

Nils Muiznieks will examine the human rights situation in Ukraine, where he has recently been on an official visit, and discuss it as an example of the work that the Commissioner for Human Rights carries out. 


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Next events

In an increasingly troubled time for the European Union, Sir Menzies Campbell, Stuart Wheeler, Mark Leonard, Prof Maurice Fraser, Dr Sara Hagemann and John Peet discuss the upcoming European parliamentary elections, and how their outcome will affect the EU and Britain's role in it. 

Next events

Iraqis are heading to the polls for the first time since US troops left the country, amid deepening political polarisation and increasing levels of sectarian violence. Dr Anas Altikriti, Hayder al-Khoei and Mina Al-Oraibi will discuss the parliamentary elections and their significance in the face of renewed challenges for Iraq. 



Next events

Faced with a global economic crisis, the single European currency has found itself debilitated, and even close to collapse. John Peet and David Marsh will consider how the crisis has affected the EU, and discuss potential courses of action in light of future challenges and opportunities for Europe.

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