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Above all, the authors would like to thank the Steering Group for their input and advice throughout the process. Special thanks goes to the chairs, Vaira Vike-Freiberga and Robert Cooper, for their enthusiasm and wisdom in guiding this project.

Several ECFR staff members contributed to the Scorecard project by giving advice and freeing up time for the Scorecard team. Olaf Boehnke, Piotr Buras, Thomas König, Hans Kundnani, Gustav Gressel, Josef Janning, José Ignacio Torreblanca, and Nick Witney commented on parts of the text. Hans Kundnani was especially hands-on with his editorial advice.

Lorenzo Marini designed the excellent new website to go with the Scorecard. Proofreading and fact-checking from Katharina Botel, Justine Doody, and Evanna Folkenfolk was invaluable. Zsófia Tari provided extra research assistance. David Carroll’s design has been of constant quality throughout the years.

Even though producing this year’s Scorecard was a collective effort, any mistakes in the text remain the responsibility of the authors.