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Ireland played a positive role in pushing for an agreement on labelling products from the occupied Palestinian territories and in aid for Syrian refugees, but decreased its development and humanitarian aid compared to previous years.

Relations with China
Use of high-level contacts strengthen to Europe's strategic approach to China - (1)-
Asian security issues in bilateral dialogue - (7)-
Trade disputes with China, support for Europe's tough stance on anti-dumping investigations - (3)-
Support Europe's tough line on solar panel case - (4)-
Support strong European position on Tibet, rule of law and human rights - (5)-
Relations with Russia
Support European Commission in resisting Russian pressure on Eastern Partnership countries - (15)-
Relations with Russia on Energy Issues - (17)-
Support strong European position on rule of law and human rights and press freedom - (13)-
Action to pressure Russia to use its leverage to stop conflict in Syria - (19)-
Action to pressure Russia to use leverage to engage new Iranian government in nuclear negotiations - (19)-
Relations with the United States
Putting Asia on the agenda with the US - (31)-
Support pushing the US in placing the use of drones into a broader legal framework - (24)-
Pushing for TTIP - (22)-
Pushing for a tough European response to the Snowden revelations on US spying - (25)-
Pushing for transatlantic cooperation to shape the course and outcome of the Syrian civil war - (30)-
Relations with Wider Europe
Support strong line on the release of Timoshenko - (41)-
Support efforts to achieve a visa-free regime with Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova - (44)-
Efforts to diversify energy supply in Europe to reduce dependency from Russia - (43)-
Steps to support opening Chapter 23 and 24 in accession negotiations with Turkey - (37)-
Support for a European position Serbia and Kosovo negotiations - (35)-
Relations with the Middle East and North Africa
Pushing for a clear European response to the conflict in Syria - (50) -
Pushing for a strong EU response to the military takeover in Egypt - (48)-
Pushing through agreement on eligibility occupied territories grants, prices etc. - (52)Leader
Pushing for comprehensive European strategy towards Iran following elections - (53) -
Support closer security cooperation in the North Africa region in 2013 - (47)-
Multilateral issues and crisis management
Increase in development aid - (60)Slacker
Increase in humanitarian aid - (61)Slacker
Steps taken to assist Syrian refugees/IDPs - (62)Leader
Steps taken to support French intervention in Mali/ support AFISMA and MINUSMA - (63)-
Support for Somalia - (64)-


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