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China completed its power transition in March 2013 when government positions were filled five months after the new leadership of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) took over. President Xi Jinping asserted his authority and ideological control with a campaign against corruption. However, he has not yet found a solution to China’sdomestic social and economic problems. In foreign policy, China sought to enhance its position as the dominant power in the region. China clashed with India and the Philippines over territorial issues, but pressure was increasingly directed at Japan, which was also a test of its alliance with the US. China was determined to strengthen its own relationship with the US, but on the basis of recognition as a “big power”, as Xi put it at his meeting with President Barack Obama. As China also sought to enhance relations with Russia, India, and major partners in Africa and Latin America, Europe did not seem to figure highly on China’s political agenda. The relationship was defined more by economic issues – in particular, a trade dispute initiated by the EU. [...]


Trade Liberalisation and overall relationship - Grade: B
Category Unity Resources Outcome Total Grade
1 - Formats of the Europe-China dialogue 3/5 3/5 7/10 13/20 B
2 - Investment and market access in China 5/5 4/5 6/10 15/20 B+
3 - Trade disputes with China 3/5 4/5 5/10 12/20 B-
4 - EU-China solar panels case 0/5 5/5 6/10 11/20 B-

Human Rights and Governance - Grade: C
Category Unity Resources Outcome Total Grade
5 - Rule of law and human rights in China 2/5 2/5 4/10 8/20 C

Co-operation on regional and global issues - Grade: B-
Category Unity Resources Outcome Total Grade
6 - Relations with China on Syria, the wider Middle East and North Africa 3/5 3/5 5/10 11/20 B-
7 - Relations with China on DPRK and East Asia security challenges 5/5 1/5 5/10 11/20 B-
8 - Co-operation with China on Africa 4/5 3/5 6/10 13/20 B
9 - Co-operation with China in global governance institutions 3/5 3/5 6/10 12/20 B-
10 - Co-operation with China on climate change 5/5 4/5 5/10 14/20 B+