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Despite a change of government mid- year, France continued to show strong leadership on issues across all chapters of the Scorecard, and to act as a major driver of EU foreign policy as part of the big three.

Relations with China
Enhancing Europe's strategic dialogue with China - (1)-
Improving the vetting of Chinese investments in Europe - (2)-
Adopting a stronger stance on anti-dumping e.g. on solar panels - (3)-
Promoting human rights in China - (6 & 7)-
Relations with Russia
Ensuring Russia adheres to WTO rules - (13)-
Promoting human rights in Russia - (15)-
Promoting media freedom in Russia - (16)-
Co-operating with Russia to solve protracted conflicts - (19)-
Persuading Moscow to support EU positions on Syria - (23)Leader
Relations with the United States
Developing a joint European approach to the use of drones - (30)-
Joint defence projects within NATO or CSDP to limit the effects of budget cuts - (31)Leader
Resisting US pressure and developing European approach on UN vote on Palestine - (34)Leader
Countering the US offensive against EU regulation of aviation emissions - (38)Leader
Relations with Wider Europe
Encouraging Serbia to normalise relations with Kosovo - (41)-
Pushing visa liberalisation for Turkey - (43)Slacker
Encouraging Turkey to adopt the European position towards the Syrian opposition - (46)Leader
Putting pressure on Belarus for political liberalisation - (47)-
Pushing visa liberalisation for Russia, Ukraine and Moldova - (50)-
Relations with the Middle East and North Africa
Improving financial support for MENA - (53)Leader
Supporting security sector reform in MENA - (54)-
Putting pressure on Algeria and Morocco for political reform - (58) -
Supporting a common position on labelling of products from illegal settlements - (62)-
Increasing pressure on Iran through sanctions - (63)Leader
Supporting political transition in Libya - (57) and Yemen - (64)Leader
Multilateral issues and crisis management
Increasing development aid to reach agreed targets - (72)-
Increasing humanitarian assistance, especially in the Sahel - (73 & 74)Leader
Supporting an arms trade treaty at the UN - (67)Leader
Contributing to CSDP missions - (41, 42, 74, 76, 77 & 78) Leader
Facilitating the consolidation of European seats at the IMF - (65)-
Contributing to the mission in Afghanistan - (79)Slacker


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