Violence is tearing Mali and the Sahel apart. But who are the armed groups behind the bloodshed? Where are international actors stationed in the region? And what motivates them all? This project maps jihadist and non-jihadist groups and pinpoints the presence of external actors in the region as of May 2019.

Coordination des Mouvements et Front Patriotique de Résistance (CMFPR-1)

The CMPFR is a collection of militias largely representing sedentary populations of the Niger River buckle, as well as predominantly Peul militias. The original CMFPR, founded in July 2012, contained the largely Peul and Songhay ‘resistance’ groups established in the 1990s and late 2000s to fight Tuareg rebels, the Ganda Koy (“Masters of the land”) and the Ganda Izo (“Sons of the country”) as well as the Front de Libération Nationale, another group formed to combat rebels during the 2012 occupation. This group initially joined the Plateforme in 2014, before a division and the creation of the CMFPR-2, which then joined the CMA, and another splinter, the CMFPR-3, formed to denounce and fight the pro-independence designs of the CMFPR-2.