What does Europe think?

The following graphs represent the findings of a questionnaire focused on European policy on the MENA region that ECFR conducted in all 28 EU member states. The data provides insight into how European countries view their relationships with MENA states, their respective regional priorities, the influence that they and the wider EU bloc brings to bear on the region, and the opportunities to create a more coherent European position.

The data findings are based on assessments conducted by ECFR researchers in each country through in-person and telephone interviews with government officials and analysts, as well as desk research.

Chart: EU influence across MENA
Chart: Key national tools of influence
Chart: Key European tools of influence
Chart: Influencing factors by importance
Chart: Geographical prioritisation
Chart: Political and economic transformation
Chart: Collective EU position on MENA issues
Chart: Role of the High Representative of the Union (HRVP)
Chart: MENA issues to be addressed by EU
Chart: Key partners on MENA issues
Chart: Differing positions on MENA issues
Chart: Most influential EU state actor
Chart: US as a partner on MENA issues
Chart: How to strengthen the EU role?

A project by the ECFR MENA Programme

Research assistance: Yasmine Zarhloule

Design and development: Objectif.co.uk, Queo.pt, Juan Ruitiña

Editing: Chris Raggett, Adam Harrison

December 2019. ECFR/310. ISBN 978-1-913347-10-9