Syria View

Black Coffee Morning “What does the Maghreb think about Europe? And why?”

Understanding oneself means to look at oneself from the view of others. The Maghreb region is a very crucial neighbourhood for the EU, yet little is known about their point of view. The region faces political, economical and security crises with instable governments, decreasing oil prices and terrorist formations. Europe has to engage more with these countries since it is clearly mutually beneficial. Furthermore, it would alter their view on Europe towards a more positive one. For that, the European Union has to encounter MENA countries on a level playing field.     

Syria: the view from Turkey

The crisis in Syria has presented a profound challenge to Ankara’s orientation towards Damascus, forcing it to adapt to changing conditions on the ground that confounded the expectations of Turkish policy makers – as well as challenging its Zero Problem with Neighbors (ZPwN) foreign policy.  

Syria: the view from Lebanon

Tensions in Lebanon, whose political fate has long been intimately tied to Syria, are sharpening rapidly as its neighbour sinks deeper into a sectarian civil war. But a growing number of clashes within Lebanon are now raising fears that a domestic eruption is becoming hard to avoid.