Global conflict in the Chinese century

Les relations Europe-Chine

Nous avons le plaisir de vous inviter à une conférence en partenariat avec le Groupe d'études géopolitiques (GEG), en présence de François Godement et Justin Vaïsse sur le thème suivant : « Les relations Europe-Chine »

Black Coffee Morning: “Sanctions on North Korea – Transformation in the South Asian security”

After North Korea recently launched a nuclear weapons test, the veto-holding powers in the UN agreed upon stronger sanctions in a new resolution. What does this initiative from North Korea mean - especially for the current relations between the USA and China. Furthermore, the EU demanded from China to uphold universal human rights in its conflicts with its neighbouring countries in the Southasian sea, though it is highly questionable if Beijing is going to consider this suggestion. Are sanctions even a useful instrument for trying to establish strategic instruments in Eastasia? Can China be included in this strategy?