Violence and revolt in Israel/Palestine

Understanding Israeli-Palestinian violence

Alienation and disenfranchisement are driving violence in Israel and Palestine mean that Europe should consider changing its goals

Israelis and Palestinians are once again looked into a cycle of violence claiming lives on both side. The increased intensity of Palestinian attacks against Israelis and the fact that instability has now spread beyond the confines of East Jerusalem to Israel, the West Bank and Gaza has led many to predict the eruption of a third Intifada. This is happening against the backdrop of continuing Israeli occupation, with the consequences for the Palestinians largely obscured from Israelis by security walls, fences and political indifference.

ECFR’s experts have been providing ongoing analysis of the crisis, discussing the root causes behind what’s happening as well as the possibilities for de-escalation and ultimately resuming meaningful peace negotiations. During this time ECFR has been speaking to leading Israeli and Palestinian analysts, civil society leaders, and opinion makers to get their on the ground perspective on what’s happening.