Asia's giants: India and China

Understanding India: The role of the EU

The lack of mutual interest between the EU and India is surprising, given the convergence of interests between them – one of them being China

China-India Ltd?

China and India have strong financial incentives to cooperate, but might potential confrontation stymie profitable engagement?

Asia's giants are stirring. China is embarking on a new era of global assertiveness, challenging existing multilateral institutions with the establishment of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and establishing the grandiose One Belt One Road initiative. India too is seeking to take a more prominent role in its immediate neighbourhood and in the world.

In a new series for ECFR, Angela Stanzel explores how Chinese and Indian experts see the evolving nature of the Sino-Indian relationship. 

How can these two giants co-exist? Can a relationship that has previously been marred by conflict and confrontation over borders be productive? Where are the natural areas of cooperation and mutual benefit? And might India look beyond its neighbourhood to other partners including the EU?