Letture estive: i consigli di ECFR

Il Book Club ECFR vi consiglia cosa leggere durante la pausa estiva

Alcuni consigli del Book Club ECFR per le vostre letture estive:

  • Buying Time: The Delayed Crisis of Democratic Capitalism di Wolfgang Streeck (Verso, 2014)
  • The Embassy of Cambodia di Zadie Smith  (Hamish Hamilton, 2013)
  • The Good Spy di Kai Bird (Crown Publishing, 2014)
  • Frankenstein in Baghdad(disponibile solo in arabo) di Afhmad Saadawi (al Kamel 2013)
  • Fatal Path di Ronan Fanning (Faber & Faber 2014)
  • By-Line Ernest Hemingway: Selected Articles and Dispatches of Four Decades By Ernest Hemingway edito da William White (Scribner 1967)
  • I am the Beggar of the World: Landays from Contemporary Afghanistan Tradotto da Eliza Griswold (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2014)
  • The Colonel di Mahmoud Dowlatabadi, tradotto da Tom Patterdale  (Haus Publishing 2011)
  • A Case of Exploding Mangoes di Mohammed Hanif (Random House 2010)
  • Wealth and Power: China’s Long March to the Twenty-first Century di Orville Schell e John Delury (Random House 2013)
  • The People’s Republic of Amnesia: Tiananmen Rivisitato da Louisa Lim (Oxford University Press 2014)
  • 1913: the World before the great war di Charles Emmerson (Bodley Head, 2013)
  • Sweet Tooth di Ian McEwan (Vintage 2013)
  • White Tiger di Aravind Adiga (Free Press 2008)
  • Azazel di Youssef Ziedan, tradotto da Jonathan Wright (Atlantic Books 2013)
  • The Jacket (Star Rover) di Jack London (Mills & Boon 1915)
  • Ill Fares the Land: A Treatise on our Present Discontents di Tony Judt (Allen Lane 2010)
  • Now I know who my Comrades Are: Voices from the Internet Underground di Emily Parker (Farrar, Straus and Giroux 2014)
  • The Triumph of Democracy and the Eclipse of the West di Ewan Harrison e Sara McLaughlin Mitchell (Palgrave Macmillan 2013)
  • Democracy Disrupted: the Politics of Global Protest di Ivan Krastev (University of Pennsylvania Press 2014)
  • Liberalism: The Life of an Idea di Edmund Fawcett (Princeton University Press 2014)
  • The Infatuations di Javier Marias, tradotto da Margaret Jull Cost (Penguin 2014)

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