China and India: rivals always, partners sometimes

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ECFR and Asia Centre publish latest issue of China Analysis 

The authors of the latest issue of China Analysis, “China and India: rivals always, partners sometimes”, argue that Western concerns over “Chindia” – the emergence of a Sino-Indian economic power bloc or strategic alliance – may be unwarranted. 

China Analysis, a joint ECFR and Asia Centre publication, introduces European audiences to the ongoing debates in China, drawing on published sources and internal strategic thinking. 

Bilateral trade between India and China, despite a strong recent rise, remains comparatively modest. Strategic rivalry, conflicting interests, and disputes over borders and the treatment of the Dalai Lama continue to shape the relationship towards one of quiet friction. 

China Analysis is published in both English and French. Click here for the English version of this issue, and you can find the French version here.

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