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Susi Dennison

Director, European Power programme

Areas of expertise

European foreign and security policy strategy; politics, political movements and cohesion within the EU; Flexible Union; European refugee and migration policy; human rights, democracy, and justice


English and French


Susi Dennison is a senior policy fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations. Her topics of focus include the strategy, politics and governance of European foreign policy; migration, and the toolkit for Europe as a global actor.

At ECFR, Dennison leads the European Power programme, which explores how to protect European interests in the post-corona era,  balancing the tensions between building European sovereignty and shaping a rules-based international system.  She previously led ECFR’s foreign policy scorecard project for five years and worked with the MENA programme on North Africa. Before joining ECFR in 2010, Dennison worked for Amnesty International, on advocacy towards the EU institutions. She began her career in HM Treasury in the United Kingdom. There she held a range of positions, including with the EU Co-ordination and Strategy team during the Convention on the Future of Europe. She advised on prison, probation and migration policy in the run-up to the 2004 wave of accession to the EU, on enterprise in disadvantaged regions and served in the Private Office of the Chief Secretary to the Treasury.


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In the media

The latest report by Susi Dennison and Livia Franco on how Lisbon can guide the EU into the post-covid era is quoted by the portuguese outlet RTP

The report by Susi Dennison and Livia Franco is quoted by the portuguese newspaper Publico.