Richard Gowan

Europe et op?rations ext?rieures

Daniel Korski et Richard Gowan sur la strat?gie de s?curit? civilo-militaire de l?UE. L?Europe peut-elle passer de la rh?torique ? l?action?

Europe and the G20: Between Obama and Sarkozy

Most Europeans agree that the EU needs to sharpen up its act in multilateral institutions like the G20. The US won’t take us seriously if we don’t. The trouble is working out how

‘Worried 27’ seeking reassurance

ECFR agony uncle Richard Gowan offers reassurance to ‘Worried 27’ about their unrequited transatlantic love

Haiti: how many Europeans does it take to assess an earthquake?

Whether Bulgaria’s Rumiana Jeleva is the right person for the EU’s humanitarian job or not, Haiti’s catastrophic earthquake shows just how badly Europe needs someone to coordinate humanitarian assistance

Battling strategic irrelevance

European leaders should beware exiting Afghanistan. They have already staked their credibility there, and the balance of power in Asia is very uncertain

The EU and failing states

The EU has a disturbing ?lack of capacity? when it comes to state building and crisis missions. The EU and its member states need to stand up to help prevent fragile states turning into failed states

Now the EU should get serious in Iraq

The Iraq issue almost derailed the European Security and Defence Policy, but now it presents a chance to show how far the EU has come in learning how to stabilise war-damaged states. The divisions within the EU over Iraq made it look all too foolish in 2003, so now it’s time to get serious

Backsliding on human rights

The EU and their allies have to get their act together on human rights. Lives are at risk

Lives at risk at the UN

As European power at the UN declines, human rights standards drop and lives are put at risk

After Afghanistan

The Afghan experience will leave Europe?s armed forces drained and in search of a new purpose. Insufficient political will and empty state coffers will hamper rejuvenation