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Mark Leonard's World in 30 minutes

In our weekly series, Mark Leonard and guests explore the big issues in foreign policy.

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ECFR on air

Short interviews and comment by ECFR experts and others on breaking news and key topics.

Podcast mini series

Europe Listens

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Europe Listens is a podcast series that features interviews with thought leaders from outside of Europe. It explores how they think about the global challenges we face and how they view Europe’s role and responsibilities as well as opportunities and obstacles for multilateral cooperation. Europe Listens is hosted by Rafael Loss and Jana Puglierin, with support from Stiftung Mercator.

In:Sight China

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China is becoming ever more important to global affairs. But political and geopolitical challenges, as well as the covid-19 pandemic, have diminished Europeans’ ability to engage with Chinese thinkers and understand their views and ideas about the world. In this mini-series, Mark Leonard and Janka Oertel try to change that by engaging in conversations with some of the best Chinese academics, researchers, writers, and journalists on the topics in Chinese internal debates that matter most to Europeans.

Meloni goes multilateral

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In the first big multilateral test for prime minister Giorgia Meloni, this mini-series will explore the four main priorities of Italy’s 2024 G7 presidency: AI, infrastructure, Ukraine, and Africa.

Under the Overcoat

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ECFR’s podcast series “Under the Overcoat” explores the deeper trends beneath the surface of Russian daily politics. It reveals how fundamental changes in Russia enabled its war of aggression against Ukraine and how the conflict is sparking further transformations. The podcast series delves into various aspects of Russian society and politics to provide a comprehensive understanding of the country’s evolution.

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