Josef Janning

Views from the capitals: European dreams for 2018

We asked our national offices to outline their governments’ greatest hope and greatest fear for foreign and European policy in 2018. 

The long and winding road to Jamaica

The indications are this new German government will struggle to take advantage of the foreign policy opportunities presented by this election

In memory of Sylke Tempel

Along with the entire Berlin foreign policy community we mourn the tragic death of Dr Sylke Tempel. At the same time our thoughts and hearts…

Views from the Capitals: Working with President Macron

Macron’s win was received with a sigh of relief across Europe, but what follows cannot be “politics as usual”. Can he garner support in the European Union?

The long road to peace: Europe at 60

Today’s European Union may seem like a market place, a granter of subsidies, and an experiment in governance. But at its core Europe is still the search for peace – it just took a 60 year detour