Gustav Gressel

Berlin and the Minsk trap

Almost five months on since Minsk II was agreed, it is clear that none of the early conditions have been met

The State of the War

The situation for civilians in Eastern Ukraine is dire

How Riga was perceived in Berlin

Many in Eastern Europe viewed the Riga Summit as a disappointment, but what did Germany make of it?

Weak government, strong society

In post-Maidan Ukraine, failing governmental action is substituted by voluntary work. While the Ukrainian state is failing in many aspects, Ukrainian society is very strong. 

Kyiv and the regions

Ukraine has been an over-centralised state since its independence from the Soviet Union, but now the notion of “decentralisation” has taken hold in even tiny villages

Russia’s military options in Ukraine

A resumption of Russian military provocations is likely, to keep Ukraine destabilised and maintain pressure on its government

Bismarck and Germany’s pro-Russia lobby

Conservatives say Germany should pursue Bismarck’s policy of placating Russia, but a Bismarck of today would have a wholly different strategy