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Daniel Levy

President, US/Middle East Project

ECFR Alumni · Director of the Middle East and North Africa Programme

Areas of expertise

Middle East, National Security


English, Hebrew


Daniel Levy used to be head of the Middle East and & North Africa programme at ECFR until 2016.

Ten global consequences of the Ukraine crisis

Russian actions and Western responses to them could accelerate the unwinding of the current international order

Making the most of Geneva II

The Geneva II conference on Syria will finally convene in Switzerland next week. Prospects for an immediate or dramatic breakthrough are decidedly bleak, yet that should not be the bar against which the merits of convening Geneva II should be measured.

Maximum Bibi

Peace in the Middle East? Not if Benjamin Netanyahu has anything to say about it



Israel’s spinning moral compass

Apparent wall-to-wall consensus in favour of the Gaza offensive among the Israeli public masks a deep internal moral malaise



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