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Daniel Korski

ECFR Alumni · Former Senior Policy Fellow


Daniel Korski used to work for ECFR as Senior Policy Fellow.



If Sun Tzu went to Gymnich

European foreign ministers at the informal Gymnich meeting should take a leaf out of Sun Tzu’s book, and discuss the larger trends shaping Europe’s place in the world rather than institutions and methods

Partners in decline

Europe is an easy target for a frustrated Washington. But this misses a fundamental point. The US and Europe are the best allies they?ve each got. Both are declining powers that need to stick together.

Europe et op?rations ext?rieures

Daniel Korski et Richard Gowan sur la strat?gie de s?curit? civilo-militaire de l?UE. L?Europe peut-elle passer de la rh?torique ? l?action?

“Mushtarak”, le Guadalcanal agfhan?

Daniel Korski dans le Monde sur l?op?ration Mushtarak en Afghanistan et pourquoi elle doit ?tre une campagne militaire et politique et pas simplement une bataille

In defence of Europe

European defence ministers are meeting at a difficult time, with Robert Gates accusing Europeans of threatening Euro-Atlantic security, and the recent collapse of the Dutch government over Afghanistan. The defence ministers urgently need to re-examine how the continent thinks about its security

Dobro do?li to the Balkans, Baroness Ashton

Catherine Ashton visits the Western Balkans in her first official foreign trip, and is again roundly criticised. But this troubled region could do with her attention

Europe and the rise of the world’s lynchpin states

While Europe focuses on India and China, a host of medium-sized emerging powers are helping to reshape global diplomacy. Is Europe ready for the rise of the lynchpin states?

Time for Europe to think bold thoughts

Europe has a lot to gain from being inventive. A Turkish-EU troop offer could help unlock Gaza – and the Middle East peace process

Boxing clever

Catherine Ashton appears to be an out-fighter



Egypt’s popular putsch

It is too early to write off Egypt's revolution. Unlike in the past, politics is now a live issue across the country, and that popular force is a difficult one to control or stop, and even the steps that have been taken now seemed impossible just over a year ago.  

The year of the HUBRICS

With Europe and much of the West facing a seemingly painful decline, attention continues to shift to the BRICS and the world's other rising powers. But are these countries overplaying their hands as the cracks begin to show in their economic virility?  

Without military reform Egypt cannot democratise

Egypt will struggle to progress towards democracy unless some form of military reform takes place. The first challenge is to make sure that any moves towards reform are palatable to the entrenched interests of Military Inc.  

Mission manual

Wars are easy to start, hard to fight, and often harder still to end. Learning the right lessons from past wars, recent and old ones, is absolutely key. In Libya the international community must also keep its focus on political rather than military aims.  

What Europe needs to do on Libya

The EU needs to act on Libya. If it doesn't, the consequences for Europe – in terms of migration, energy revenues and support for terrorism – could be disasterous. Here are eight concrete steps that European leaders should consider taking.  

Taming Libya’s mad dog

If there ever was a need and an opportunity for Europe to show its muscles, Colonel Gaddafi is providing one. The test is a different one for the EU after the turmoil in Tunisia, Egypt and beyond, but European leaders can no longer look the other way.

The Middle East needs Germany

The fall of Hosni Mubarak’s regime in Egypt has not so much given Israel a headache as a migraine. Europe – and Germany in particular – needs to play a leading role in reassuring Israel and keeping Middle East peace on track.  

Kyrgyzstan: Russia?s Rwanda

Just as France maintained links with its former colonies in Central Africa, Moscow has maintained ties with the former Soviet Republics in Central Asia. In light of the recent violence in its backyard nation of Kyrgyzstan, what lessons can Russia learn from France?s experience in Central Africa?

Western Balkans: The way out of the EU?s waiting room

Pre-occupied with its financial troubles, the EU is no longer paying attention to the Western Balkans. As a result it is losing credibility and influence in a region that may slide back towards instability.

What is a Cleggservative foreign policy?

Forget reputations. Britain’s new coalition government of the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats will temper its foreign policy approach with a healthy dose of pragmatism.

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