Can Poland remain a leader of EU foreign policy?

The Ukraine crisis pushed Poland to the forefront of EU diplomacy, but as Germany stepped up, Poland’s leadership was sidelined

Scorecard 2015: The view from Sofia

Bulgaria took few foreign policy initiatives in 2014 because of internal troubles, but the country made one tough decision in abandoning the South Stream pipeline project

Germany leads Europe: Jettisoning the status quo

The German question has emerged again, but this time, the answer will depend on whether Germany is willing to embrace its role as an agent of change

French foreign policy: activism or leadership?

France seems to be one of the few EU member states that still has foreign-policy ambitions, but in order to to become a true leader in Europea, it needs learn to work with others

Act tough, think big: time to end the European illusion

If the EU wants to make its way towards serious credibility as an international actor, it must stop thinking exclusively in terms of soft power when it comes to foreign policy

Why Europe should step up its efforts in Libya

European support for Libya is difficult because of a deteriorating security situation and lack of clear institutions, but it would have an important impact on the region

Why Europe can’t leave Asia to the US

Can Europeans safely ignore rising tensions in the Asia-Pacific? European policymakers may want to focus on their near neighbourhood and the transatlantic relationship but one way or the other they will have to deal with the fallout from rising tensions in Asia

European defence: ten years on

A  transformed world poses fundamental military and political questions that Europe's national leaders need to answer. Perhaps the most useful thing this week's summit could do is open the door to a thorough debate on the future of Europe's foreign policy.

Europe’s foreign policy: Resilience meets mediocrity

Europe’s image and soft power continues to fade around the world but Europe's foreign policy did not unravel in 2012. The EU managed to preserve the essence of its acquis diplomatique.  

Does size matter? Small states and EU foreign policy

The efforts of smaller states in 2012 give reason to hope that over time, the power that lies in the EU’s diversity could be unlocked and used to make the EU's foreign policy more effective.