Russia’s quiet military revolution

Russia is clearly preparing for offensive operations, but the likelihood of action depends on the quality of Europe’s own defence

Europe’s war on terror

It is time to look closely at Europe’s evolving counter-terror activity

The Ossetian neverendum

South Ossetia is in a precarious position, but as far as the locals are concerned, Russia is the only saviour

Abkhazia – Russia’s tight embrace

What role does Russia play in the Abkhazia? To the northlies the Caucasian mountain range, to the east lies Georgia with which Abkhazia fought a war, and to the south lies the Black Sea. To the northwest lies its protector – Russia.

The Donbas: Back in the USSR

What role does Russia play in the Donbas? Did the local population rise up against Kyiv in the name of Novorossiya?