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Iran is the country most people around the world would like see having less power, followed closely by the US, a new opinion poll showed.

“In three global crises – Burma, Darfur in Sudan and North Korea – China is widely seen as having more influence on the rogue governments than does the US,” said Thomas Klau, head of the Paris office

Am?rica Latina, no obstante, no parece estar incluida en esa visi?n inical, como explic? a BBC Mundo Jose Ignacio Torreblanca, director de la oficina del ECFR en Madrid.

“As EU leaders prepare for the annual debate over how much reform Turkey has done and how much it should do, they should do all they can to renew Turkey’s trust in the EU,” writes Chris Patten, one of ECFR’s founding members.

“The most compelling reason for supporting the Reform Treaty is the fact that it could help the EU become a more effective power in the world.” writes Mark Leonard in an opinion piece

“To make UN action more credible and US military action less likely, the EU will need to act as one and make sure it has exhausted all peaceful alternatives in its approach to Iran”, says Daniel Korski, a senior fellow at the European Council of Foreign Relations.

“The first step for Europe, according to Mark Leonard, will be to pass the new EU Reform Treaty […] which aims at streamlining institutional arrangements in Brussels.” News article

“The conversation centred around issues such as can Europe really speak with one voice; what should we do about Iran; should Europe aspire to be a counter-weight to the US? Blog entry by Gideon Rachman

“At the moment, we don’t have one European policy towards Russia, we have five different ones.” Interview with founding member Timothy Garton Ash

“La Russie est l’un des axes de travail du tout nouvel European Council on Foreign Relations, lanc? par plusieurs personnalit?s europ?ennes.” Analysis by Thomas Ferenczi