Media mentions

An article referring to Mark Leonard's recent book "What does China think?"

ECFR's Nicu Popescu is interviewed on the geopolitical effects of Kosovo's proclaimed independence.

"China's aim is to quell the current tension and maintain status quo in Tibet unti the Dalai Lama dies", says ECFR's John Fox.

Nicu Popescu talks to Cotidianul about the EU and Romania's policy on Moldova.

Nick Witney discusses the agenda of upcoming Franco-British defence cooperation talks.

"The respected analyst Andrew Wilson advocated that EU leaders come up with a list of demands to test Medvedev's true intentions."

An interview of John Fox on the debate surrounding Tibet and the Olympic boycott.

ECFR's John Fox is interviewed by the Bulgarian weekly on China's authoritarian image.

Mark Leonard talks about ECFR, the EU's Russia policy and the findings of our recent Putin succession report.

Ognyan Minchev is interviewed about Russian elections, Kosovar independence and Bulgarian politics.