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Speaking at ECFR's launch, Iran's envoy said, "If the reason to send Iran's dossier to the Security Council was to address all questions, I believe the dossier should be returned to the IAEA. And we have decided full cooperation with the IAEA to remove all doubts and ambiguities."

In seiner ersten Studie ?bt der ECFR deutliche Kritik an der europ?ische Russlandpolitik. Russland, so hei?t es da, sei das Thema, das in der EU die gr??te Uneinigkeit seit dem Irak-Krieg ausgel?st habe.

?Die Russen spielen ihre Tr?mpfe aus, und wir machen sie auch noch stark und spielen das Spiel nach ihren Regeln?, kritisierte Fischer.

Au?enminister Frank-Walter Steinmeier er?ffnet die Konferenz, sein Vorg?nger Joschka Fischer, der UN-Chefunterh?ndler f?r das Kosovo, Martti Ahtisaari, und der Historiker Timothy Garton Ash sind dabei.

The European Council on Foreign Relations, the latest on Europe's increasingly crowded think-tank scene, has picked a symbolic city and date for its launch conference today.

A bleak view of European selfishness and short-termism emerges from a paper on EU-Russia relations, just published by ECFR.

"Russia is the most divisive issue in the EU since Donald Rumsfeld and the Iraq war," says Mark Leonard, the ECFR's executive director and one of the report's authors.

Europe has lost the plot in trying to cope with a resurgent Russia under President Vladimir Putin, who is dictating the agenda in his dealings with European capitals, according to a study published yesterday.

According to ECFR executive director Mark Leonard, Russia has been the most divisive issue for the EU since Donald Rumsfeld and the Iraq war.

Within the European Union there are a least five camps when it comes to dealing with Russia, ranging from the 'Trojan horse' countries to the 'new Cold warriors', says a new study analysing the bloc's divided approach to its giant neighbour to the east.