Expert Workshop on Banking Union: Can it deliver the goods?

Second ECFR workshop on Banking Union following the first one in Madrid to foster a transnational debate  


Jürgen Schaaf, Counsellor to the Executive Board / Yves Mersch, European Central Bank

Fernando Fernández, Professor of Economics, IE Business School Madrid

Jürgen Matthes, Head of International Economic Policy, Cologne Institute for Economic Research

Jan Ceyssens, Member of the Cabinet of Commissioner Barnier, European Commission

Mark Schieritz, Financial Markets Correspondent, DIE ZEIT

Rainer Stollhoff, Senior advisor on Financial Policy, Parliamentary Group of SPD

Chaired by

Sebastian Dullien, Senior Policy Fellow, ECFR

José Ignacio Torreblanca, Senior Policy Fellow, Head of Reinvention Programme, ECFR

The ECFR in cooperation with Mercator Stiftung and Santander organized two workshops on Banking Union, one of which was held in Madrid, the other one in Berlin. The aim was to foster a transnational debate among policy makers and politicians at both the European and domestic level in order to discuss shortcomings of and potential improvements to the currently agreed framework for Banking Union. Participants and impulse givers included senior officials of European banks as well as scholars, EU and German government officials and specialized journalists.