Can the Turkish-PKK Peace Process be saved?

Event on the future of the Peace Process between the Turkish government and the PKK and the impact of the ongoing crisis in Syria.


Hugh Pope, Deputy Program Director, Europe and Central Asia, International Crisis Group


Chaired by

Daniel Levy, Director, Middle East & North Africa Programme, ECFR

Following the intensification of the fight against the so called Islamic State, how do we understand both Turkish and Kurdish recent moves in the context of their peace process? Hugh Pope will look at what the goals of the PKK are as well as broader Kurdish ambitions in the region and unpack what is behind Ankara’s recent moves vis-à-vis Kobani and beyond. Are both parties playing a game of brinksmanship with the intention of going back to a peace process or is this process fundamentally derailed? What are the pressures on both sides pushing both towards and away from re-engagement in a meaningful peace process?

Hugh Pope is Deputy Program Director, Europe and Central Asia at the International Crisis Group. Previously, he was the Turkey and Middle East Correspondent for the Wall Street Journal (1997-2005) and the Turkey & Central Asia Correspondent for the Independent (1990-1997).

Daniel Levy is the director of the Middle East and North Africa Programme at ECFR.