European Power

For a European Republic

Whether political leaders or citizens, the pragmatics have failed to build a prosperous and wholly democratic EU. The system we live in neither provides for nor admits any legitimate representation for the citizens of Europe. Now it’s the turn of the dreamers. Today, they are the true realists.  

Europe’s misgovernment

The Cypriot crisis has made it brutally clear just how bad misgovernment with the EU – and the eurozone – really is. The only way to fix this is for genuine banking, fiscal, and economic union within the eurozone, backed by legitimate political instruments.  

Bulgaria’s anger, the real source

An escalating crisis in Bulgaria marked by street-protests across the country forced the government's resignation. But the instant wisdom that financial austerity caused it is misleading.  

Europe has lost its citizens

The latest Eurobarometer figures are showing clearly what the election results have been hinting at: hit by the crisis, Europeans have lost their confidence in the EU. After having saved the euro, we must rescue the legitimacy of the EU.  

The Europeanisation of America

The two giant economies – Europe and the US – are no longer as different as they once were. Austerity and the prospect of decline have brought them back together.  

The State of the Union and the end of persuasion

With his State of the Union address, President Obama combined the two most powerful tactics of modern politics – big speeches and big data – to spur political action. Are we witnessing a reinvention of representative democracy?