European Power

Ukraine and Bulgaria show power of EU model

There are still countries in Europe where protestors enthusiastically wave the EU's star-studded flag rather than burning it in anger. These days Kiev's embattled EuroMaidan is as much the heart of the Union as the Schuman roundabout in Brussels. So who said Europe lacks a story and a cause?

What does the German coalition agreement mean for the eurozone?

From a European perspective, the German coalition agreement is better that the status quo – but it does not contribute to the economic recovery of the eurozone, and it is disappointing when it comes to banking union

European defence summit: It’s groundhog day again

The run-up to next month’s European defence summit is acquiring a surreal aura, as projects first mooted a decade ago are dusted off for ‘endorsement’ by the assembled national leaders – with no conviction in anyone’s heart that they will fare any better this time around

Third time lucky in Geneva

The E3+3 and Iran met for a third time in Geneva to sign an interim agreement on the future of Iran’s nuclear ambitions. While not perfect, the deal is a springboard for future negotiations and sets a solid foundation for talks between the E3+3 and Iran to continue.