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Timothy Garton Ash awarded the Charlemagne Prize

In recognition of his outstanding scientific and journalistic work, the Board of Directors of the Society for the Conferring of the International Charlemagne Prize of…

Ukraine’s Euro vision not yet realised

Ukraine embraced the official Eurovision slogan ‘Celebrate Diversity’ with apparent ease; not least because it is the perfect symbol for the new Ukraine and its…

We know the price of appeasement. That’s why we must stand up to Viktor Orbán

This appeasement has to stop. If Hungary’s anti-liberal, nationalist prime minister, Viktor Orbán, persists in his attempts to close down the country’s best and most independent university, and continues to erode liberal democracy in many other ways, then the EU’s powerful grouping of centre-right parties must expel Orbán’s party from its ranks.

The EU’s Road to Rome

Whatever way Europe goes, the first step is to determine which route it will take

Donbas: Beyond war

Beyond the headlines, what is the human cost of the war in the Donbas? 

How to put Crimea back on the European agenda

Three years since annexation, Crimea remains in limbo and there are few diplomatic initiatives for its return to Ukraine. Can a working group of committed parties put Crimea back on Europe's agenda?