North Africa

Sheikh It Up

The UAE's airstrikes in Libya represent a new and dangerous phase in its struggle with Qatar

Egypt’s busy summer

Egypt is reasserting itself in foreign policy, but it faces economic and societal challenges at home. 

Libyan state disintegration

ECFR is launching a new “Conflict in Libya” page that gathers all the analysis and the policy recommendations prepared by our experts

Who will stop Libya’s implosion?

No local combatants in the civil war or their regional backers are ready to compromise or land knockout blow

What price for a stable Egypt?

Those who hoped Morsi's overthrow would usher in order instead face a leadership that responds to economic and social challenges with abuses of freedom

Why Europe should step up its efforts in Libya

European support for Libya is difficult because of a deteriorating security situation and lack of clear institutions, but it would have an important impact on the region