Middle East and North Africa

The 1,001 lives of al-Qaeda in Iraq

The violence of recent events that have struck Iraq over the course of recent weeks poses questions not only about Iraq’s continuing transition but also about al-Qaeda’s ascendancy in the country

Seven reasons why the Arab uprisings are eclipsing Western values

The Arab awakening is about people claiming democratic rights to emancipate themselves from the traditional influence of the West, rather than trying to join it. Instead of being a region mired in the past, the clash of modern practices in the Arab world might offer some lessons for the future world order.

Making the most of Geneva II

The Geneva II conference on Syria will finally convene in Switzerland next week. Prospects for an immediate or dramatic breakthrough are decidedly bleak, yet that should not be the bar against which the merits of convening Geneva II should be measured.

Syria’s uprising within an uprising

The Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham (ISIS), a transnational ultraconservative Islamist group has been a thorn in the Syrian revolution since its inception in April 2013. The group is at the centre of a new round of infighting in rebel-held Syria.

A new constitution will not solve Egypt’s problems

Next week Egyptians will vote in a referendum on a new constitution. Few people doubt that the constitution will be approved, but there is more at stake in the vote than merely adopting a new legal framework for the country.