Israel / Palestine

Palestine: towards a new national strategy?

Despite all the interim agreements and promises made over the last 20 years, Palestinians are little closer to achieving their core strategic objectives. Without a change in the status quo, the Palestinian leadership faces some hard choices

Maximum Bibi

Peace in the Middle East? Not if Benjamin Netanyahu has anything to say about it

Netanyahu hasn’t crossed the Rubicon

Conjecture abounds as to whether the PM has entered peace talks to do business or to filibuster; but the commitment recently displayed by the U.S. means testing times ahead for Israel's coalition

The Peace Process is back

The cynics may not believe it, but John Kerry's push to get Israelis and Palestinians talking could actually work. And even Europe is helping by ending Israeli impunity over settlements.  

Europe sticks a warning label on the settlements

With no real case to make, the bullying opponents of the European Union's long-delayed plan to label produce from Israeli settlements in the West Bank are crying anti-Semitism, cheapening the term at a particularly inopportune time.  

The opportunity for peace and security in the Middle East

The opportunity to find a two-state solution to the Palestine/Israel question is in danger of being squandered, and that the world will turn its back on the Israelis and Palestinians