European Power

Has the ‘polycrisis’ overwhelmed us?

Today’s global crises are not only competing for policymakers’ finite attention, they are increasingly feeding one another in unpredictable ways. Add the uncertainty around this year’s high-stakes elections in the US and elsewhere, and you have a recipe for a Davos meeting defined by angst and paralysis

Getting on track: New ways to deliver Poland’s energy ambitions

The new government in Warsaw is committed to pursuing a more ambitious energy and climate policy than its Law and Justice predecessors. There are several ways it can position itself to deliver on its goals and work closely with EU partners

The bigger picture: The case for an EU-Mercosur free trade deal

Deepening ties with Mercosur countries makes perfect sense as part of the EU’s de-risking efforts to diversify economic ties away from China. Further delays in signing a free trade deal would push Latin America closer to China’s orbit – for good

Europe needs a new Ukraine strategy

The European Union’s decision to start accession talks with Ukraine represents a symbolic victory rather than a practical one. With Ukraine struggling to secure crucial aid, and its counter-offensive failing to achieve its objectives, it is time to redefine what constitutes a Ukrainian victory and a Russian defeat