Anti-Establishment Parties

Mind the gaps: The pending suspension of Hungary’s EU funds

The European Commission’s agreement with Hungary on anti-corruption reforms is significant. But, even if the Hungarian government does implement them, the measures alone are not sufficient to reverse democratic backsliding in the country.

The Draghi effect: Italy’s new-old national interest

The prospect of a Brothers of Italy-led government is causing worry in capitals across Europe. But the party is having to devise a foreign policy approach within the bounds of Europeanism and transatlanticism.

Bulgaria’s European awakening

Bulgaria’s reformist government may have fallen, but this is a new era for the country. Policymakers should now build on Bulgarians’ growing sense of common purpose.

Autocratic power grab is no defence of sovereignty

The Polish prime minister has dismissed the dispute between Poland and the EU as a difference of opinion over competences. This is nonsense: the rule of law is at stake.