European Strategy

Germany leads Europe: Jettisoning the status quo

The German question has emerged again, but this time, the answer will depend on whether Germany is willing to embrace its role as an agent of change

How Berlin contributed to Tsipras’s victory

Germany should have offered debt relief to Greece when it had the chance, and the consequences of its mistake could be serious for Europe

Germany then and now

Twenty-five years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Germany needs to think about its way of exercising power within the EU – and what it hopes to achieve

China and Germany talk security

The expansion of the dialogue between Germany and China to include foreign and security policy could have a huge, and potentially problematic, effect for the European Union. 

It’s time for a New Deal for Europe

The new generation of leaders on Europe’s front line is setting the ground for a fresh start in the European unity project

Germany’s summer of discontent on foreign policy

Germany prefers co-operation to conflict, but with its five special relationships each facing bad weather, it needs to think about new ways to conduct foreign policy

The revenge of the German elite

Germany's foreign policy establishment responds to accusations of introversion, raising questions about the consequences of a reactivation of German foreign policy with more clearly defined interests