European Elections

Wall in: The Eurosceptic challenge in Croatia

The collapse of the left and the rise of eurosceptisism have changed the Croatian political landscape ahead of the 2019 European Parliament elections. 

Spain’s new-found European destiny

Two views from our Council members on Spain’s new foreign policy direction under the new Socialist government

Macron’s European ambition begins in the Balkans

Emmanuel Macron’s attempts to block accession of Macedonia and Albania to the EU have nothing to do with the Western Balkans, and everything to do with the European elections

Orbán 3.0: What to expect next

Viktor Orbán’s post-victory intentions are clear: to extend Fidesz control over civil society and remaining independent media outlets. The stage is now set for the EU – with European People’s Party MEPs holding the balance – to take action on further violations of democratic principles and values.