ECFR Council

A complicated relationship

Following France?s return to NATO military command this week, relations between Paris and Berlin remain complex

Europe?s Russia problem

The European Union must develop a united policy on a hostile Russia, writes George Soros

How to avoid the ruin of the European market

Taskforces chaired by the European Commission should co-ordinate state aid, making sure that national measures reinforce each other to the greater benefit of the sectors concerned and avoid bending competition rules, writes Giuliano Amato and Emma Bonino

Will the difference really make a difference?

In her review of the Munich Security Conference, Ulrike Gu?rot argues that the US reassured Europe of its commitment to a multilateral approach to foreign policy. But how visible, deep and quick will the change in transatlantic relations be?

Obama and the future of transatlantic relations

Obama will be barraged with ?wish lists? from around the world following inauguration. Ulrike Gu?rot argues the case for transatlantic relations.

Good Intentions, Bad Outcomes

Last year’s Congo crisis brought home the EU’s limitations as a global power. Will it accept them or try to overcome them? Richard Gowan discusses.