ECFR Council

EU unity and divisions on the East

The EU must take a serious took at the strategy it employs to its East – the disunity on how to deal with Russia and the Eastern Neighbourhood is paralysing

A confused EU cannot fight racism

The debacle in the UN could be the precursor of more clashes over human rights, with Europe as a target

Svegliati Europa!

ECFR Council Member Emma Bonino argues the need for a new, strategic European approach to Beijing based on reciprocal engagement

La vieja dama no puede

Perhaps it is time for a new transatlantic forum, argues Ulrike Guerot

An open letter to EU leaders

Ahead of the G20 summit, ECFR calls on EU leaders to show the vision and leadership to develop a coordinated position on the financial crisis

Peripheral care should be the central concern

Unless the G20 summit comes up with practical measures to support the less developed countries, markets are going to suffer another sinking spell

The others

There are two kinds of European in the continent today; those who have Europe and those who want it