Europe needs to look again at Pakistan

Pakistan is the pivot around which revolves peace on the Indian subcontinent and the success of NATO’s mission to Afghanistan, argues Korski. But EU?s policy towards that country resembles its old technocratic and apolitical approach

Hugging the panda

There is nothing wrong in engaging China rather than antagonizing her: but Europe must coordinate its human rights policy towards Beijing

It’s Tibet, not the economy, stupid

China?s cancellation of the planned bilateral summit with the EU is a brutal and unprecedented warning of how little Europe means to China

Three fault lines

Pakistan, Congo and Ukraine are three fault lines separating us from the future

Enhancing the EU’s role in Afghanistan

A new US president will want to see a significant enhancement of the European effort in Afghanistan. The issue is likely to be viewed in Washington as a litmus test of whether Europeans should be taken seriously as strategic partners

China – a challenge for the long term

The basis of a new EU-US partnership should be close trans-Atlantic coordination and cooperation on China at every level, harmonising positions and pooling leverage and influence

From Atocha to Waziristan

Germany?s decision to increase its troops in Afghanistan is both courageous and necessary: the security of both European and Afghan citizens is inseparable