Svegliati Europa!

ECFR Council Member Emma Bonino argues the need for a new, strategic European approach to Beijing based on reciprocal engagement

Europe’s Afghan Moment

The military surge in Afghanistan will fail unless it comes with a civilian surge. Europe should invest much more effort

Europe needs an Afghan surge, too

Europe should launch its own Afghan surge to complement America’s military push

The real Taliban

The Taliban in Afghanistan are often portrayed as a single, monolithic entity. They’re not

Kabul Diary

Daniel Korski writes from Afghanistan about his most recent on-the-ground observations

Getting Afghanistan Off Drugs

Destroying the poppy fields hasn’t worked. The US should focus on long-term development to solve Afghanistan’s drug problem

Nuke Proliferation Stirs

As the world is approaching a new chapter in the proliferation of nuclear weapons, Iran and North Korea require a coordinated response, warns Fran?ois Godement