Now the EU should get serious in Iraq

The Iraq issue almost derailed the European Security and Defence Policy, but now it presents a chance to show how far the EU has come in learning how to stabilise war-damaged states. The divisions within the EU over Iraq made it look all too foolish in 2003, so now it’s time to get serious.

Zmarnowana szansa Putina

Kryzys gospodarczy nie nakłoni rosyjskich władz do drugiej pierestrojki

Clear as mud

The prospect of a Conservative government in the UK will be just the latest in a long line of challenges for the European project

EU?s failure in Georgia

The EU’s ‘Georgia report’ needs to be seen in light of the EU’s previous performance in the troubled country

What Does Russia Think?

If we want to deal with Russia, we need to understand it. But the EU doesn’t want to.

Missile defences, bald men and combs

In spite of Czech and Polish objections, the Obama administration was right to drop plans for radars and rocket interceptors in central Europe

A toss of the coin

As the world tries to deal with a rebellius Iran, Europe keeps on discussing internally. A ?yes? in Ireland would put an end to this.