Soft power? Hard work ahead

The EU must make its civilian capabilities work better alongside its military tools

Troika, trio, treat, trick

After the elections for Commission president, we are now drowned in the gibberish of the Council of Europe president elections

Europe?s civilian failings

Prospect Magazine blog post on our latest report – A review of Europe’s civilian capacities

The EU and failing states

The EU has a disturbing ?lack of capacity? when it comes to state building and crisis missions. The EU and its member states need to stand up to help prevent fragile states turning into failed states.

No more low-hanging fruit

Since 1989 liberal reformers have helped bring 10 Eastern bloc countries into the EU. Now comes the hard part.

Чий е Европейският съюз

Закъснял с десет години, Лисабонският договор изглежда, че най-после ще види бял свят….

Now the EU should get serious in Iraq

The Iraq issue almost derailed the European Security and Defence Policy, but now it presents a chance to show how far the EU has come in learning how to stabilise war-damaged states. The divisions within the EU over Iraq made it look all too foolish in 2003, so now it’s time to get serious.