View from Berlin: Keeping Europe’s cool

Merkel does not want an escalation of Russia-bashing out of fear, as it would only reward the Kremlin’s scaremongering. 

View from Berlin: Keep calm and carry on

Bratislava should be modest in rhetoric and look to develop coalitions for security and growth initiatives

View from Rome: Europe is alive but needs to kick

Bratislava is the perfect opportunity for Europe’s leaders to live up to their responsibilities in delivering concrete responses to Europe's challenges

View from Warsaw: the Polish riddle

It is less about concrete policy ideas than an overall strategy towards the EU: will it take a pragmatic position or pursue an ideological path?

View from Madrid: A polarised election context

The reactions of Spanish officials and political leaders to the Brexit vote converge around three main messages: the need to maintain political stability, reassurance for Spanish residents in the UK, as well as support for the political integration project

View from Berlin: Subdued shock

Political Berlin has been has been in a state of subdued shock following the Brexit vote