Turkey: Perspectives on Eurasian integration

Poised between Europe and Asia, the Russian and Chinese integration projects could both make Ankara once more a key bridge linking the two continents – but not before hostilities with Russia have been resolved

Serbia: Perspectives on Eurasian integration

Though it is a candidate for EU membership, Belgrade continues to pursue a “special relationship” with both Russia and China

Kazakhstan: Perspectives on Eurasian integration

As a member of the Moscow-led EEU, Astana has suffered from Russia’s economic slowdown, and now aims to become the transport and gas hub of Central Asia

Greece: Perspectives on Eurasian integration

Facing financial woes and the simmering threat of “Grexit” from the EU, Athens is in need of new investment from Russia and China

Azerbaijan: Perspectives on Eurasian integration

Located at the heart of Eurasia and with strong energy resources, it is a key territory for regional integration projects, but Baku is fighting to stay neutral

Eurasian integration: Caught between Russia and China

European policymakers worry about Russian and Chinese integration efforts, which push them to think more strategically about the Eurasian landmass

How the EU learned to love sanctions

It is only recently that the European public has woken up to the use of sanctions in EU foreign policy, but they have been employed since the early 1980s

The new geo-economic game

Countries such as China and Russia are already playing a new geo-economic game, where economic power is leveraged aggressively for national advantage