Useful links on Afghanistan

A series of recommended texts on Afghanistan.

Afghanistan's constitution, the Bonn Agreement, UN resolution supporting the Bonn Agreement of 6 December 2001 and the Afghan government.  

For documents on the EU's relationship with Afghanistan, look here:

Reports from ICG, AREU, Center on International Cooperation, Center for American Progress, CSIS and the Lichtenstein Institute carry up-to-date analysis of Afghanistan's reconstruction.

On the Afghan opium economy, see UNODC's reports, the government's National Strategy, the Senlis Council, David Mansfield's work and that of Vanda Felbab-Brown.

Many troop-contributing countries now have web-portals on their efforts in Afghanistan, including Denmark, Germany, the U.S and the UK, while most international organisations operating in Afghanistan have websites: UNAMA, ISAF, EUPOL Afghanistan, EC Delegation, and CJTF-82

NGOs have operated in Afghanistan for decades and are a useful source of information. See in particular, the Swedish Committee, and BAAG, while the Development Gateway provides access to further web-based resources.

Parliamentary reports and evidence can be found here: House of Commons Defence Committee, NATO Parliamentary Assembly, and the EU Parliament.

More generally, information about Afghanistan can be found on Afghanistan Information Center, Academic Info, Afghana, Columbia University Libraries, and Library of Congress.

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