European Council on Foreign Relations

Reframing Germany’s Russia policy - an opportunity for the EU

by - 24 Apr 14

Ukraine crisis shows Berlin’s Russia policy is out of date

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Armenia’s strategic U-turn

by - 22 Apr 14

Armenia's surprising turn to Russia explained


The Eurosceptic surge and how to respond to it

by & - 09 Apr 14

Pro-Europeans should create space for battles between competing visions of Europe

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Syria’s war economy

by - 07 Apr 14

Syria’s war economy is encouraging profiteers to prolong the conflict

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Supporting the Ukrainian Revolution

by - 25 Feb 14

The EU should support the new Ukrainian government.


China Analysis: China’s neighbourhood policy

by - 24 Feb 14

Relations between China and its neighbours changed dramatically


Qatar’s leadership transition: like father, like son

by - 11 Feb 14

Qatar's foreign policy after a sudden regime change


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